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    where can I get an extra little adapter dongle so the 650 can be charged from the sprint universal chargers? You know the little 4 inch adapter that came with our phone that allows us to use sprint universal chargers? This will minimize my car chargers to 1 per car with an adapter so I can charge both my 650 and my wifes phone if needed in the car.

    I wish I figured this out earlier as I just ordered 2 car chargers from dan's cellphone for the 650.
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    Knowing P1, they will gladly sell you one for $39.99...
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    LMAO. I believe you're right. But seriously, PalmOme put out the Treo 650 with no accessories whatsover. The sprint store has nothing but a flip leather case for $39.95. I see new cases online. I ordered a couple of different ones to see how they look.

    As for the "Sprint charger adapter" I suggest calling Sprint Tech support. This should be something they can do, since they can't do anything else, like real tech support
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    I'm no Sprint apologist, but my recent contact with them was susccessful and friendly. I hope they are all that way. Just wanted to balance things with a positive data point for their technical support.
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    i'll call palmone today and see if i can get a few more.
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    I already have plenty of car adapters, and would like to fully utilize them with some additional cables. Please report back what you find out. Thanks

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