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    anyone knows a software to convert wav or mp3 files in prc files?
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    What do you want to do with it?
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    What your probably want to do is convert them to amr files. That can be done using Nokia Multimedia Converter.
    Nokia Mulimedia Converter

    Follow this link for more information on ringertones for your treo.
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    MP3Ringer by Toysoft will convert mp3s to .pdbs so you can sync/install to internal memory.
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    or jus put them in your ear & twist your belly button
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    thanks man, you got it!!
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    yes, I just want to keep some short music in the internal memory. I'll try mp3 ringer if I'll be able to get it. I got problem even to find a good map viewer. the only one was mapopolis but it got only USA maps, I need european maps. anyone informed about that?
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    Mapopolis has Western European maps.
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    I am looking for maps software for my GPS. Anybody know of any good one?


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