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    Just downloaded the updated Handscape program. I had been using 1.0. This new version is super. It really upgrades the normal PalmOS views and makes the Visor much easier and intuitive to navigate.

    I would urge anyone to try it out!
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    Is it less buggy than the old version.

    I could not get that one running without problems on my visor...
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    So far no bugs or problems. I never had any ones with the 1.0 version. Maybe that was because of some other programs/hacks you were running.
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    I have not seen any tech reviews of it. Is it because it is new?

    What are the benefits of the customizable views? Is it easy to delete/remove?
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    The new handscape puts menu tabs accrossed the top of the screen. These are the same categories that you would have to get from the pull down menu in the normal palm os(main, games, system, etc). plus there are some added extras, like an integrated battery % meter and some others i haven't played with yet.

    It makes the palm os much easier to navigate. And if you don't like it there is an actual uninstall program that will go on the visor when you download the program, to get rid of everything.

    its free so i would try it out!
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    What benefits does Handscape have over something like Launcher III? They both have tab categories. Supposedly you can delete items from Handscape directly from the interface, which you cannot do in Launcher III, which forces you to go back to the original OS and go to the delete function screen. Is this true? I've heard older versions of handscape being really slow, has anyone noticed this on their visor? Overall, would it be worth to switch from Launcher III to Handscape?
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    I can't comment with any comparisons to Launcher III since I haven't used it. But Handscape 2.0 actually has a trash can icon that does delete program w/out having to revert back to the PalmOs.

    It also seems pretty fast to me but again i don't have anything to compare it too.
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    Richard, you are posting inaccurate information about Launcher III. You CAN delete directly from the Launcher III screen. All you need to do is to drag the icon of the program or document you want to delete to the tool icon. (the little hammer on the right hand side, at the bottom)

    You have no reason to go back to the original PalmOS screen.

    I haven't seen the other program, but Launcher III is free, and there has recently been an update that solves some small display problems of documents each having a separate icon.

    I think that it's great.

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    Larry is right, I use Launcher III and you can just delete apps by just dragging it onto the little hammer icon. You also can beam people apps by dragging it onto the little hammer. I like to use Launcher III because it really doesn't take up much space in the memory - only 44K. I just checked it out and Handscape takes up 83K of RAM, which is double LauncherIII's. Sure, Handscape is free and also looks nicer, but I don't want something that takes up so much more space in the Visor's RAM.

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    I am using Launcher III. But it does not seem to work properly with 8MG flash module. If I remove the module and reinsert, all the icon (on the module) goes to the first tab. Sbould I switch to handscape?

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    I like Handscape 2.0. The Visor is fast enough to run it. Nope, it doesn't recognize either the backup module or the 8mb springboard, but knows about it and are working on it. At one point I couldn't run Palmprint from Handscape but I could from the palm launcher. I just uninstalled and then reinstalled Handscape and have had no probs.

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