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    I have a Treo600. My biggest fear happened yesterday, and I lost my external card. I have several questions related to this.

    a) For future reference, is there a way to make a mirror of what's on my card? b) Should I just do a hard reset and start from scratch? If I do, where can I find the software for it (The CD is who knows where)
    c) If I don't do a hard reset, can you tell me if the following are system files or related to programs?
    * ZLib
    * WP_P2P
    * Temp Install Data
    * SF-EE_SysHeap
    * SF-EE_SysHeapRSC
    * PopMe!
    * PicsToGo (that's the default picture viewer, right?)
    * PDATDBXLib
    * libmal
    * JpegLib
    * HSTraceDatabaseHead
    * HSTraceDatabase
    * Documents (is this Documents to Go?)
    * Datebk3HDB - I THINK this is the default datebook?
    d) Is there a good way to keep this from happening again?

    Thanks for your help.
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    For backing up the card, their are a couple of options. Some backup programs (like Backup Buddy), can be configured to back up the card to your hard disk during a hotsync. Alternately, you can use a card reader attached to your PC to make a copy of the card. Finally, there are a couple of programs (like MS Mount) that will let your treo look like another drive on your desktop. Others can probably name some other programs.

    I'm not sure what you're looking for in b) or c). Why a hard reset. You should be able to re-install the apps that were installed to your card, and keep going. Any data stored on the card won't be recovered, unless you were using something like backup buddy, but a hard reset won't help with that, either.

    If you do feel the need to do a hard reset, you can do a restore of all the data that wasn't on your card by selecting "desktop overwrites handheld" in the hotsync options menu on your PC.
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