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    Unfortunately I am new to The 650 and versamail. I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my problem. I am using versamail to check my email when I am away from my PC. When I recieve an email containing an attachment specifically a picture it will download but will not lwt me view it. when i chose to save it in pics and video's and try to view it from there it gives me an error that it either to large or corrupt. I have also tried to save it to the memry card with no luck as well. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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    It could be any number of things. If you are successful in saving it to the memory card, I would try taking a look at a 3rd party image viewer - such as Splash Photo or Acid Image. Check out for Splash Photo - try the demo.. See if that helps. I'm not sure about the built in Pictures app... but usually I don't have any issues with looking at attached pics. Anyone else?
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    thanks I'll try it!

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