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    I've been using Palm Desktop to keep my calendar, etc., but I don't like it much. I'm thinking of switching to Outlook, but I have Outlook 97 at work and Outlook 98 at home. And that seems like an additional confusion. I like the calendar view in Outlook that looks like a week planner -- it's not available in Palm Desktop. I also want to keep multiple categories in my datebook so I can keep track of my Christmas Card list. You can do that in Outlook, but not in Palm Desktop.

    I'm thinking of getting Outlook 2000 and putting it both places (home and work). Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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    I was using Outlook 97 before I purchased my Visor. But I wasn't really impressed with Palm Desktop.

    I have Outlook 97 at my office, and Outlook 2000 at home. (don't ask) And I synch at home and at the office with my VDX, so that I have the same data in all 3 places. I have had no problems at all.

    You need to be careful in setting the pocket mirror settings. You need to set the parameters of the synching of the data between the Visor and your PC in Pocket Mirror. You can't do it in the conduit settings in the Hotsynch Manager.

    If you need the detail, let me know.

    good luck

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    Larry, is the only way to sync Outlook 2000 with my visor through Pocket Mirror? I've never used Outlook to sync, just Palm I have to purchase Pocket Mirror separately?


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    No you don't have to - if you bought a Visor (and most of the Palm series, EXCEPT the Palm IIIe) you will have Chapura's PocketMirror on the CD that came with your Visor. Just Select "Run..." from your Start menu and then select "Browse" and point Windows to the CD - palmsfw\disk1\Pocket Mirror\Setup.exe

    After this, just follow the instructions. If you choose to sync with Outlook, then your Visor will no longer sync with Palm Desktop software. However, you can still choose to occasionally back up to the Palm Desktop by opening Outlook and, there, right on top of your Outlook bar, you will see a Palm icon. Click on it and under the options, there will be an option to backup to Palm Desktop.
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    thanks for the help Tan. Found the file, installed it, and am now hotsyncing with Outlook! Appreciate it.


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    Don't forget that starfish's truesync offers what I think is a better solution for syncing multiple programs and devices all at once, and it is free. I sync my visor with outlook 97 at home and occasionally with palm desktop, as well as with my startac phone, and with my yahoo account (it runs automatically when hotsyncing). Since I can't hookup my visor to our computers at work , I synchronize my work outlook folder with my yahoo account over the internet before I leave. I know it also syncs with programs like ACT! and winCe and Rex devices with one click. The most useful program I ever downloaded.
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    One thing to make note of is that the Hotsynch manager that HS provides is rather simplistic. If you use the settings on Pocketmirror, you can assure that the categories that you have set up on Outlook (any version) will synch with the categories that you have on your VDX.

    You hit Start/Programs/PocketMirror /Pocketmirror settings, and then double-click on your name. Then you hit the conduit you want, and when you hit the miscellaneous tab, it will get you to the dialog box that allows you to synch to the "outlook" categories rather than the PalmDesktop categories.

    Makes all of the difference in the world.

    Good Luck

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    Is it possible to install TrueSync if my Visor hotsyncs via the USB port? It seems that TrueSync is not finding my Visor, and they specifically say the "palm" should be attached via the serial port.

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