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    In composing new mail, s there a way to set up Versamail to "Cc" and "BCc" a recipient? All I see is just a "To" field. Kinda dumb in a second gen mail program for the Treo line.
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    To view the "full header" info and see the cc: line, just click the little icon on the upper right of the message screen (it's a toggle between full and brief headers). It works the same way when viewing a received message, too...

    According to the PalmOne, bcc: is not supported and won't work...when using the Exchange Activesync account, anyway:,CASE=33022

    "Solution ID: 33022

    Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) are not supported in VersaMail Exchange ActiveSync accounts

    This article applies to VersaMail 3.0 on the Treo 650 smartphone, which supports Exchange ActiveSync (info).

    The Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature is not supported for VersaMail Exchange ActiveSync accounts. The BCC option will not appear when composing email in these accounts.

    Although the the Reply Options in VersaMail's Preferences includes a check box for "Always BCC a copy to:", and a line to add an email address, no BCC will be sent."

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