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    I was interested in the delorme bluelogger GPS reciever for use with my treo 650, but I'm frequently in Europe. Is this reciever compatible any european mapping software. I'm still in the USA 60% of the time and I'm used to Delorme so I'd like to stick with them if possible. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Get TomTom. They are a European company (I believe) and have TONS of european maps as well as all the North American stuff.
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    Both Mapopolis and TomTom have European maps available. I've used Mapopolis in London and Paris, and the maps seemed very accurate, and the routes it generated were good.

    You'll have to wait to buy TomTom, since they aren't shipping a software-only bundle yet (you have to buy it with a GPS device, which you already have). It's been listed as pre-order on their site for about 6-7 weeks now, no details on when it will actually ship.

    You can download a Mapopolis trial with European maps from their site.
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