Morphgear is planning to release a version for Palm in the future.


Subject: Release Plan

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This thread will serve as a priority list to track developer tasks, new features, and bug fixes so that users can get a rough idea of when to expect specific updates. Underlined items are complete.

Release 2.3.x.x

Update graphics and theme.
Recent file list.
Per game settings.
WM2003 Second Edition VGA support.

Update installer to allow for installation of individual modules.
Provide CAB downloads.
Refactor EmuEngine library.
Reimplement direct GDI rendering (without temporary backbuffer). Primarily useful for PSPC and HPC without GAPI.
Allow gamma customization per module.

Reimplement direct draw capabilities to select devices.
Add video device driver selection option.

Revise skin code to allow for full screen skins in any position.
Add drag and drop for desktop build.
Add more colorization options to GB module.
Enable cheat code support.
Save list / report view state in new open file dialog.
Flush sound buffers when save/pause.
Add dialog for folder selection for places like save game state location.
Add support for multiple joysticks on Windows desktops.
Allow JPG files for pad skins.
Fix this SNES bug in Chrono Trigger combat:
Thread priority should only be active during gameplay and revert to normal when paused or no game loaded.
Fix sound bf > max after long periods.

MSX module.

Wonderswan module.
NEO-GEO Pocket module.
Port additional freeware modules to the desktop build.

Port to SmartPhone.
Port to PalmOS.

Optimize PC-Engine core.
Use better (faster) Z80 core for Genesis sound emulation.

Use dynamic recompilation for GBA.
Fix sound in GBA and Genesis modules.
Provide option to enable accurate (line by line) audio rendering in Genesis module (at least for desktop). Requires significant changes to sound code.
Fix DirectX errors related to video mode change.
Auto-fire option.
Not Planned

Grayscale Pocket PC support.
PSPC support.
Multiplayer / Infra-Red, Bluetooth, or Wi-fi support.