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    can someone post or email expenserex.prc pls.
    it is freeware and is no longer available on handago (the only link that i have seen to download this app).

    there is also mention of a $4 conduit for excel.
    does anybody know how i can get my hands on it.

    PS i tried emailing the developer from the handago link, but the mail bounced.
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    Wow, that looks like a good app. I wonder why it can't be found.
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    You can get it here:

    or do a Google and a spaniish site will be listed, use translation of the page and it will be there.
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    A belated thanks, Parityone.
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    I found this. ExpenseRex at handango.

    edit:nevermind the file is removed
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    Has ANYONE found the conduit for ExpenseREX? Couldnt find a single post with a link to the conduit. The one on Handango doesnt work.
    Please email me @ if anyone has any answers

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