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    I know the sediooooo is out and is much better, but I bought this 6 months back and never installed it, now I want to semi-install it.

    here is my problem, I have the car kit but with wires for power only, ie not the cig lighter adapter. I have wired the red and black to a cig lighter adapter and clicked all in.

    I've got the latest firmware, ie 03.05 and sw 1.12, but once all powers up and there is power in the wire going to the kit, the kit does not work, ie no sound from the speaker?!!!

    The treo screen takes the handsfree icon away from the screen, so it knows there is somethig connected to it but the thb does not seem to work as it is not amplyfying.....

    Can anyone help in this topic, I know there are other threads, but they do not mention this problem and yes I have also mailed Mr Travis/Jarvis.....

    Many Thanks peeps....I am only a poor UK user who has not even a sniff of the 650 yet!!!
    Treo since November 2003!

    Still got the original.....
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    I bought a THB for my GSM 600 from P1 and it is marginal at best. Like you, I did a semi-install to see if it was going to work before opening everything in my Lexus dash and I now won't due to similar problems. I suppose you can get it to work, but the energy is better spent elsewhere.The Siedo (sp) is for me and I am going to do it soon before I hurt myself or someone else not to mention the pain in my arm from using 5,000 mins./mo on average...

    bTW, the connector failed once because of the slight angle when you put the phone in the cradle. I think you may be have been spared the early adopter headaches with the 650. I was anxious to get one but after reading the issues with it I will be happier overall if I wait (GSM has no choice, it's not available quite yet) and let them get over some of the relatively small problems.

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