Currency is an exchange rate program. Supposedly, one can sync daily rates from a web site. Doing so is said to require installation of the Currency Conduit, which installs something called JSync Installer.

Next, "you need to configure the Hot Sync Manager software to know about the new conduit. To do this, run the program named 'CondMgr.exe' in the folder named 'ConfigHotSync'. . . . Click the 'Add...' button. . . ."

My (Handspring) Palm installation does _not_ have a "ConfigHotSync" folder. It does have a "Conduit Manager" folder. But that folder does _not_ have a "CondMgr.exe" program. It does have a program called "CCMgr.exe". But that program does _not_ have an "Add" button. (Before posting this message, I reinstalled from the Handspring CD just to be sure.)

How, if at all, can I configure Hot Sync Manager to know about the Currency Conduit?

Thanks in advance.