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    Does anyone have any NEW information or any information at all on when the docking cradle for the 650 will be it Palm One or Generic?

    Why was the 650 released 2 months ago and STILL no cradle? For buyers like me who HAVE to have a charging cradle, they cold charge a mint ($$$) for this accessory and make a killing....I just don't get it.......
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    Last I heard is Dan's Cellular will have it around the 21st (he told me 3 weeks about 2 weeks ago though.) Not sure if it's OEM or after-market.
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    From TC's CES coverage:

    According to Jim Scwabe of palmOne’s accessory solution, the long awaited cradle will be available by then end of the January. Our sources indicates that palmOne has about 20,000 backorders for the cradle, just through the palmOne store.
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