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    Hello All!

    I've been using a Palm device for forever, and my current Palm calendar has data and memos going back to 2000. I've been using a Palm M505, and Palm Desktop 4.1.4 on Windows 2000 for a while now.

    So, I get my brand-new Treo 600, back up my Palm user folder, and install the special Treo 600 version of the Desktop, which is version 4.1.0. To make a long story short, it completely trashes the calendar, memos, phonebook/contacts, and ToDo databases.

    Playing around with restoring individual databases into the desktop leads me to believe that the 4.1.0 Desktop cannot read the 4.1.4 formatted files.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get my data out of my ailing-and-almost-dead M505 and into my shiny new Treo? There's too much there to re-key it by hand.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    Hmmm, I had an M505 and made an upgrade to a Tungsten E, then the Treo 600 and I kept all my calendar, task, memo information.

    Just a random thought- can you sync with Outlook (using Chapuru) instead of Palm Desktop? Not sure if this will enable you to transfer the data.
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    Well, the problem was not with the Palm device, the problem was converting from Desktop 4.1.4 (with all the spiffy new features) to the *older* Desktop 4.1.0 (which is required by the Treo 600). Syncing with Outlook was Not An Option.

    I ended up solving my own problem, using a bit of inginuity, BackupBuddyVFS and a SD card to move the data. For those who may end up in a similar situation, here's how I did it (after several hours of trial and error).

    0) Took a full backup of my Palm user folder on Windows ( i.e., <installdir>\SyrupM\* )
    1) Removed the old Palm Desktop (4.1.4) using the Windows Installer
    2) Went into RegEdit and removed the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics\Pilot Desktop\ hive.
    3) Re-installed the Treo Palm Desktop (4.1.0) from the install media
    4) Downloaded and installed BackupBuddyVFS version 3 to the Treo
    5) Beamed BackupBuddyVFS to the M505
    6) Performed a full backup on the M505 using BackupBuddyVFS
    7) Moved the SD card from the M505 to the Treo
    8) Used BackupBuddyVFS to restore the databases directly onto the Treo

    This worked like a champ. For reference, the files I had to restore were:
    - AddressDB
    - AddressCitiesDB
    - AddressCompaniesDB
    - AddressStatesDB

    - DatebookDB
    - MemoDB
    - ToDoDB

    Also, for some reason, there were two copies of AddressDB on my backup - I restored both of them.

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