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    And it was all going so well.

    I had all sorts of programs doing great, perfect syncs.

    I also had them all on Powerrun and had some 13 megs free

    Then today what I did special was installed Graffitti Anywhere

    The sync after that made the 650 do soft resets continuosly. I did a hard reset.

    Now my options are what? I do have a good backup from backupman from 1 week ago which would be fine. On my computer I have all the data in the Palm Desktop.

    When I restored with Backupman, I saw a lot of double programs, and only 1 meg left. When I tried to Powerrun them I got "file already in SD"

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    Looks like you've got a multitude of options.

    1. try manually deleting the apps from your sd card first, and then re-installing them with powerrun from your freshly installed treo650. Note: when you do a hard reset, the only thing that gets reset is the treo, and not the sd card.

    2nd option, format the SD card.

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    I've been able to get things back with Backupman and "Mac overwrites Palm" for the latest schedules and contacts.

    What should be the conduit settings in the future? Syncronize? Not syncronize?

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