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    So all the treo600 accessories are incompatible with the
    treo650. I understand the corded stuff, but why the IR keyboards?
    The Treo650 still has the IR port, so why won't my ThinkOutside
    foldable keyboard work with the 650? Did they just purposely
    defeat it, or refuse to update the drivers?

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    I am successfully using my IR keyboard that I originally purchased for my zire 72. No crashes or anything and I am using the driver that came on the software cd for it.
    That said, mine is a palm IR keyboard though, so I am not alot of help to you with your ThinkOutside brand.
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    I am also successfully using my Palm One wireless keyboard. it works FLAWLESSLY and I didn't do a thing but sync my new 650 with my old 600 backup folder.


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