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    does any one manage to make treo 650 blutooth work with sony hbh660
    it seem that treo can not find the hbh-660. but work fine with jabra 250 but to much static
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    If you try the search, I'm sure you'll find your answer.
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    you may have to reset the 660 to put it in pairing mode. look at the 660 manual for the key seq.

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    thanks gus for the reply

    the hbh-660 i have work fine with no problem with my pda2k and p900 phone, but treo 650 cant even find the hbh-660 when im trying to pair them
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    the 660 and 650 work fine for me.

    try turning on discoverability and following the pairing instructions.

    Works like a charm.
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    Go to and look under support. I needed to follow extra steps listed in the FAQ to get a pair with the HBH 200
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    I had no problem pairing my hbh660 with my Treo 650. Now if we could just
    get voice dialing through the 660 to work...
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    thanx guys for the help. the problem was with treo deffective bluetooth i returned to the store

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