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    I've been using an amazing drug database for the last few weeks and highly recommend it to anyone in the medical field.
    HUGE database of drugs, adult/ped dosing, drug interactions, adverse reactions, etc.
    It is FREE and the even send you free updates. Easy to install, too.
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    Yes, I second that. It works well. As expected it contains brand names only from the US, however. Fortunately, one can also search by generic names, for those of us not in the US.

    Potential Visor and Palm purchasers beware though. This database pushes a Mb of memory and therefore the Visor Deluxe or Palm Vx (or IIIx) is the way to go if you plan on using this database.

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    I'm a pharmacist & using ePocrates. It's really nice for quick look up when I'm away from my work computer.

    When I downloaded the new version(3.0), it said "Without Automatic update." Do they give "With" version only to physicians & med students?
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    Yep, this is a heck of a database! My wife and I were just talking about getting a new drug reference book (she has severe asthma and takes several meds). It took about 7 minutes to HotSync into the Visor by USB! Worth it, though. (As long as you have the available memory--1.4MB or so, IMMENSE for a Palm OS app!)
    The "updateable" version is indeed only available for health care professionals. I don't remember if "pharmacist" was included in the list, but if not, I would think it should be. (I got the non-updateable version too, but I'm an elementary-school teaching student...)
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    epocrates is a very nice program and for the price you can't beat it. That being said, Lexidrugs from K2 is an excellent program that I would pick instead. It has significantly more information including mechanism of action on each drug. As a medical student myself I find the extra info very useful in my training. For someone who was already familar with the drugs to begin with, I think epocrates serves as a great reminder of basic info. The additional info Lexi has, combined with the ability to link to K2's other application 5 minute clinical consult makes it a must have for every medical student and resident as far as I am concerned. With those two apps and a text such as harrisons or the merck manual from @handmedical you turn the Visor into a very powerful medical reference tool.
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    Hats off to ePocrates! Now they offer a version with AutoUpdate for non-physicians, too (When I checked their sites on Thursday it wasn't there). I just downloaded the new program & my first update. Great!!!

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    The new AutoUpdate feature is definitely a very good enhancement. This is going to make it very convenient for ANYONE to get the latest up to the minute drug information. Previously I would try to update once a month but with the Autoupdate feature, it literally takes away any hassle of hotsyncing at all. I know for most of us, unzipping a file or running a .exe isn't very hard, but for all the busy doc's out there, this is a "killer-feature"!

    I must say since I have had my 16 Meg GVDx, the only thing in my white coat pocket is... nothing! I don't even carry that Pocket Pharmacopoeia anymore.
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    I had emailed ePocrates a few weeks ago about any Canadian drug databases and had no reply back. I've seen some of the replies in this thread are from Canadians. How do you find this database in terms of brand name and dosage relevance?
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    I've forwarded ePocrates to several other health professionals at my hospital and it has been well received. Their board appears to be composed mostly of Pharmacists working in drug information, so I don't have any problem recommending the program.

    Axeman, Pharm.D.

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