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    I have followed the posts elsewhere in this forum to remove the lid to the Treo 300 and install a speaker, This works great and I am quite happy with the sound and no longer have to flip the lid.
    However the signal reception is very poor now.. Generally I have 1 or no signal strength bars when I used to have several. Sometimes I even get the message no service, when before I never saw that message (I have not moved location). I tried to even solder a wire between the 4-pronged gold metal connector on the main board and the metal antenna interior to ensure a connection but this did not resolve the problem ( I thought that when I closed the phone up there wasnt an electrical connection between the board and the antena, but apparently this is not the problem.
    Repair suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (or information about a very inexpensive used but fully functional treo 300) would be greatly appreciated since this was my only phone.
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    soldering the 4 pronged connector in a more solid way to motherboard, qualcom card and antenna did the trick :-)

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