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    Hello everybody...

    I used to be a Treo 600 owner, and am now a PDA2k user. I left the Treo camp because the Palm OS could not multi-task well. Specifically, I am a Goodlink user for corporate email, and was using Verichat for IM. I use both at the same time, often switching back and forth. The PPC operating system allows for easy multi-tasking, with many programs running at the same time. If I remember correctly, when I got an IM with Verichat, I'd get a SMS that would interupt whatever I was doing. Then when I wanted to get into IM, it would take forever to reconnect. Has the 650 corrected what I thought was an awful flaw with the Palm OS? I found it very difficult to work in several different applications at the same time, and switch easily between them.

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    I use Verichat quite a bit on my 600, and it doesn't seem to take forever to reconnect. I get the SMS, hit "chat" and it takes me immediately in. Or I hit "ignore" and then, later, launch verichat and can immediately access that chat session. Every once in a while it'll take a few seconds to re-establish with the AIM server in the latter situation, but (at least in my personal opinion) it doesn't seem to be awful.
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    No, this version of Palm OS cannot multi-task.
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    Thanks for the honest answer...and it's too bad as the form factor is great. Hopefully this will be addressed int eh next version of the Palm OS.
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    Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) supports muti-tasking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geckotek
    Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) supports muti-tasking.
    Isnt that vaporware? Or does a production device exist that uses it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by farzonalmaneih
    Isnt that vaporware? Or does a production device exist that uses it?
    It's not vaporware in the sense that Cobalt exists. No one has released a product that uses it though. But it's only a matter of time before PalmOne does.
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    Whaddya mean? Just the other day I had PocketTunes playing MP3s while I was plaing Excitebike in Nesem. Nesem ran a little slower, but the music sounded fine.

    I often have PocketTunes running behind what I'm doing (email, calendar, Express, etc) without a problem.

    The same goes with when I'm on a phone call and dodge over to another application like my calendar. That also works fine.

    Are these not examples of multi-tasking? Granted, the PPC may do it better, but I've been doing this sort of things since my T600 and now on my T650 without a problem.

    If I had to equate it to anything, I'd say that this feels more like Windows 98's multi-tasking vs. the more smooth Windows 2000/XP multi-tasking.
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    Multitasking is fine, but you can only do one thing at a time - regardless of how many applications you have open. Still there are some benefits to having certain tasks running in the background while you are doing something else - which is why I have PC at home and one at work. And, I am not intersted in carrying around a bulky phone/PC outside my home or office. The convenience of slipping a Treo 650 into your pocket as you walk out the door is hard to beat.
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    I don't know how to explain it, but it's not multi-tasking. I think the MP3s are handled by a seperate audio processing chip. So this means that the main processor is not truly handling to applications at the same time. For instance, if you open Versamail and start checking e-mail, you can't switch over to contacts while Versamail is checking mail. You can switch back and forth all you want when the app is not truly doing anything, but what's happening there is the app closes, then re-opens when you come back and it uses prefs to recall what it's last open state was (what you were looking at last time it was open.)

    I'm sure someone on here can explain it, but if you read any tech documents about Palm OS 5 (Garnet) you'll see no mention of multi-tasking and Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) specifically mentions the addition of multi-tasking.
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    Cobalt isn't's more like 'mistware'.

    You can see it, vaguely feel it, but you cannot control it.

    So, yes the Treos will not be multitasking until the 700 comes out on Palm OS 6. Another year, another 600.

    Only 6 years behind the times, but they'll catch up ;-)

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