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    I recently tried out Jot and I think it's fantastic - I especially like that the characters don't have to be all one stroke - for instance, you an dot your i's and cross your t's. However, now that I can write faster, I am getting a few problems. For instance, if a word ends in L, and you immediately make a space, it turns the L into a T. I think this could be fixed easily if they simply made the "capital L" stroke other words, if you use the capital stroke instead of the lowercase stroke (as you would for the start of a "t"), it would NEVER change to a "t" or "i".

    I used to really like tealscript, because I could make my own handwriting profile, but it was limited because you could not lift up the pen on a stroke. Does anyone know if there is a program which allows a customizable profile which can include multi-stroke characters? To me, this would be unbeatable.

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    To me, the question is the speed of data entry. I find that Graffiti is slow because it takes long strokes to create characters. Something that would allow you to tap out a message is faster IMHO.

    I have settled on Fitaly.

    This is a custom designed keyboard overlay (on the screen for now) that provides for pretty fast typing (tapping) of data entry. A recent test provided a winner at 62 wpm. I am at a humiliating 20 wpm, but improving.

    You might want to look into this. They are coming out with a FitalyStamp in a few weeks that will work over the Graffitti screen so that it doesn't take up the space on the display.

    Try it, you'll like it.


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