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    While surfing the for good continuing education articles while at work, I stumbled across this on ebay:

    $369.99 + tax. Already activated and free overnight delivery.

    I have considered buying a 650 from ($319.99 after rebate plus activation fee of $36) but the $100 rebate is after 6 months of service and takes 10-12 weeks to process. Plus, I've read some bad reviews of over at I wanted to purchase my 650 from treocentral but was told that the offer doesn't apply to existing PCS customer wanting to add an additional line of service.

    I called the 1-888 number and the guy I talked with said that they were a national retailer of Sprint phones. I can place an order with them over the phone (always leery of giving credit card info over the phone to a business I know nothing about).

    This sounds like a good deal...thoughts?
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    I spoke to this same guy; before i called sprint. He's going to tell you that a 50.00 rebate is no longer available but that he can give you something for free (nights n weekends at 7 etc....) trust me the phone will end up costing you 419.99 or 429.99; he said oh your in NY this rebate is only for connecticut or boston.

    Call sprint; they have a 150.00 rebate plus 30.00 if you do it on the web.
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    I purchased my phone from this guy. Cost me total 395. Got my phone the next day at about 11 am. Good guy to work with. He is legit!

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