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    I'd just like to give two thumbs up for Ultrasoft Money. The program is a little pricey but I thought the $30 was well worth the money since I already own Microsoft Money 2000. From what I understand, the popular Quicken software available for the Palm OS does not let you sync from your computer to the handheld but the other way around only. Ultrasoft Money updates the handheld as well so I can always take a look at all of my accounts/balances. I find that to be very usefull. There is also an optional password function that will protect your data from snooping co-workers/friends. I also like the fact that it automatically syncs with Money whenever I HotSync. It's nice not having to bother with Importing/Exporting files on the desktop. Overall, it's one of the most usefull programs I've downloaded for my GVD and the only one I've bought. I give it a high recommendation for other Microsoft Money users.
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    One caveat, that I have found is that it is incompatible with the truesync conduit (not ultrasoft's fault, but rather truesync's fault). Definitely worth the money though if you use the standard hotsync. (no pun intended). and if you use it, you can quit carrying around your checkbook register). I also think it is better than pocket quicken, but then again my bank requires me to use MS money for downloading transaction (stupid monopoly!)
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    Perhaps notable is that the planned release date for next version of Ultrasoft Money, version 1.2, is February 21 (see

    I was thinking of Pocket Money, but then at $30 and its apparent inability to synch with my desktop's MS Money 99, Ultrasoft made better sense... I still wonder though about anybody who uses Pocket Money and MS Money - to what extent might it be more convenient?
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    Starfish fixed their truesync conduit problem, so now everything works great!
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    I LOVE Ultrasoft Money, and it is worth every penny. I've been using Money since 1995. The Palm OS version saves me time in having to fire up the computer every time I write a check or use my debit card. I no longer have to carry around a register or all those little slips of paper to post when I get home--I just tap the info into my Visor. Everything is posted to my checkbook when I sync.
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    The new version of Ultrasoft Money, Version 1.2, just came out today. Ultrasoft emailed me to let me know, and gave me a new code for use with the new version. It has a few new features, and fixes problems with future bills/payments that were an annoyance in the previous version.

    The old version was a great program--*so* much better than Pocket Quicken that it caused this Microsoft-hater to dump Quicken and go to Money. The new version is nicer still. Haven't caught any bugs yet, but haven't really had a chance to use it--it only came out today, after all! <g>
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    Ultrasoft was also fast today. Within 18 minutes of my order, I received my registration number from Utrasoft via e-mail.

    So far I really like the program that it feels like one of those 'Now how could I have lived without this thing for so long?' and 'Wow, what do I do with all the time and hassle I've been saved from?' (double-entry, little notes in my wallet). I think it'll be a core program in my Visor repertoire.

    The only thing I found irritating is the lame $34, *ninety-five*. Why don't they just say $35 and be done with it? Makes me think about the next version, and what marketing hook they'll use to try to reel me in. Worse, what features are they witholding for the next version? Sigh.. that's how software business works I guess.

    Anyway, don't let that little cynicism get in the way... I'm very happy with the program and haven't had any problems so far. On the first day today, I used my Visor on the road to

    *create a new credit card account
    *deposit a check
    *write two checks

    And everything was transferred to the desktop this evening with the push of the hotsynch button. No problem!... I'm so happy :-)...

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    How much RAM does UltraSoft Money consume? (before one downloads one's personal numbers)?

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    What do you mean that ultrasoft money is incompatible with truesync, and that starfish fixed the problem? Did you call them up, or have they fixed the problem with later editions of the software? I'm deciding whether to buy ultrasoft $, but use truesync.
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    Please help! I downloaded Ultrasoft Money but having problem synching. Everytime HotSync is "interrupted," and nothing shows up in Money program on my Visor. I changed sync settings, Favorite accounts status, password to MS Money but no success. Also when I installed it Ultrasoft Money, It added "Ultrasoft NotSync" icon to my desktop. Nothing is mentioned about this in the manual. Is it a problem that I have all my MS Money data in my Zip drive? I really want to use this program...
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    Starfish's Trusync conduit used to have a problem in that it deleted other conduits, so that when I installed Ultrasoft's demo, Trusync (not hotsync, but a third party program) would later delete it as well as other conduits when it ran. Starfish, posted an update that is downloaded automatically when you run the updater that comes with Trusync. So now I am running the Ultrasoft money demo happily.
    Almost happily. I don't like how the demo doesn't let you add transactions to the desktop AND only works for 30 days. How am I supposed to evaluate a program whose most useful feature has been disabled in the demo? But I'll take Vergator, ?, and barnest2's word and purchase the program today. Thanks everyone.

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