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    Hello all.

    While tossing in a few more items into my 650 to get it up to speed with all my paper records, I noticed that the only way I seem to be able to specific a Birthday event is through the Contacts. While this is alright in many cases, I really don't need 4 Contact entries for my an entire family just so I can have all their birthdays entered.

    Did I just miss something, is there a way to specify a "Birthday" event outside the Contacts? If not, is there a good software calendar that integrates well with the Treo 650?

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    In whatever calendar application that you use, just make the birthday an
    annual event. DtBk5 and Agendus are 2 third party calendars that you may
    want to take a look at.

    You can do this in the stock calendar by going into details-->repeat-->Every Year.
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    HappyDays is very good and it's free. You can have multiple events per contact via a note or the user specified fields. For instance, for "parents" I have anniversary, Dad's Birthday and Mom's Birthday. It will add reminders on your calendar.
    The only problem is if you use apps that take over those, like GoodLink. If you are, let me know and I'll explain the work-around
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    I use DateMate. It can scan your address book for events and add them to its database. You can then export the events to your calendar.

    You can sort the DateMate by date to see up comming dates, or sort it by name to find someone's events.
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    i use DateMate. what a program !! and thank you mobimate for that. i mean THANK YOU !!

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