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    It appears that I've fallen prey to the dreaded "no service" problem that many have had. I'm with Sprint, and have had the phone for 13 months (1 mo out of warranty ). Because of this, Sprint won't touch it. I have insurance, but I don't want to pay $50 for a problem that has been documented by Handspring/PalmOne (my ESN is in the list of affected ESNs).

    I can't seem to get in touch with palmOne -- they just send you to Sprint. I've had a T300 and the 600, and am a long-time SPCS customer, and think that palmOne or Sprint (not sure who) should step up and replace the phone -- in warranty or not -- since it's a product defect.

    So my question is this: does anyone have a suggestion about whether Sprint or P1 should deal with this, and the best way to get through to them? My local SPCS store sucks big-time and has been nothing but a waste fof time each time I've gone there over the years.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    The deductible is only $10 if your issue is warranty related- like the one you describe. It's $50 if it is lost or damaged. Just call Lock/line and they will send you a refurb, then call *2 to swap the esn and activate the new phonem
    , then send back the old one in the provided pre paid envelope.
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