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    OK...I'm using a Sony Ericsson HBH-660. Love the unit, and it works great. Everyone should use one. Caller ID works, and range is pretty good. Thats the issue though. I've got a Linksys USB bluetooth adapter with a reported range of 30 meters. I can actually use my headset all over my house, but static gets pretty bad. Anyone know of a bluetooth range extender???? Or bettery yet, how about paring the headset with your PC, and then pairing the handset with the PC and routing calls to your headset??? Range would be no problem then!! Any ideas....please help!! Thanks!!! Maybe a reward
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    I usually see 30 FEET for upper range of bluetooth. If you're getting 30 meters (about 100 feet), you're doing very well. Just how big is your house, anyway?
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    yea, well both units have to support long range bt for it to work- the only device i have that does is my gps... i forget how the standards work, is it 3 meters and 30 for short/long?
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