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    Pacificneotek makes a great TV remote SW. You can try it for 15 days, after that its $20. It is so cool to teach the Visor from the remotes and create your own layout of keys where ever you want. I set up the TV control screen (the only useable one in the demo) to control both my TV and VCR. It rotates the screen to the side so the IR points toward the TV/VCR.
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    I agree. What is really neat is that you can program in macro commands (ie. a sequence of commands) and set it to turn on your AV system at a certain time.
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    Do you have an address for this site? I have been looking for one for a while now. Thanks.
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    Well I managed to find the web site of the company you mentioned. I do have a second question. What kind of distance can I get with my VDx IR? Will I be able to control my TV from my couch (a good 9 feet away)? Thanks again.
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    I'm able to cover the couch-TV-distance: 3 meters.
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    I tried this out back in November. First off, the site is Second, I could power on my TV from about 3meters also, but the VCR, DVD and stereo...not unless I am about 2 feet away.
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    Hey, I have easily gotten about 20feet (6metres) on the Visor. I have tested it out and discovered that the Visor definitely gives more distance in its infrared than say the Palm IIIx.

    Old El Paso, as for your problem, have you tried going into Preferences/Record carrier frequency and then re-detecting the record carrier frequency? This worked great for me, but it also means that right after you do this, you will have to re-train the buttons that you are having problems with.

    It also has to be said that how far you can stand from the DVD, VCR, whatever is also dependant on how sensitive the DVD's infrared receiver is.
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    Another really useful piece of software that I have found is Whatson (shareware, $20). It downloads tv listings from the web for your area, and puts it into a grid form like a TV guide. If only someone could combine that program with a remote control program so you could just click on the name of the program to change the channel...

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