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    Hi all,

    Sorry if asked before...

    I'm upgrading a T600 to T650 and am worried about creating a new "Username" for my T650 different from the T600. Will this cause problems with registered software (i.e. BACKUPMAN, Agendus, etc.)? Do these apps somehow know the device username and only allow you to register on such device (meaning those on my T600 won't allow me to register them on T650 without a re-purchase)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Many registration codes are tied directly to the username so changing it on a new device will affect those apps that use them.
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    Unfortunately you have to change if you encounter this problem and you rely on this feature....,CASE=31578

    another of the small annoyances
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    I changed my hotsync, and had about 4 apps that became demos. I just emailed the companies, (snapper, mmplayer, ptunes come to mind) and they provided new keys.


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