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    When I click on menu/info and records, I notice that all my datebook records show up under Datebook and not Datebook+ which is my default datebook. Why would that be? What would happen, were I to delete Datebook? Would all my records disappear? Do I need to have both programs running?


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    I'm guessing you need both on. Really DateBook+ is the same program with a couple of new views added. I think the two programs share the same database, or something to that extent.

    Plus I don't think you can delete datebook because its on the system. but don't quote me on any of that.
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    You are right on every count DCmH. Yes, Datebook and Datebook+ share the same database, so there is no problem.

    Yes, you cannot delete Datebook or Datebook+ - they are in the ROM of the Visor. This means that it doesn't reside in your Visor's RAM, so deleting it will not give you more space anyway

    Also, the thing about Datebook+ is that it CANNOT beam appointments and such to another PalmOS device. For that, you need to go to Datebook. Why would you want to beam people your appointments, you ask? Well sometimes you need to send a meeting time to your colleagues or friends who have Palms or Visors

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