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    Is datebk3.3 really worth $20???

    is it really a lot better than the datebook+ which comes with Visor??
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    I had Datebk3 when I had a Palm IIIx. However, I was really only using the features that come with Datebook+. It is really the timezones, integrated to-do, and icons for events that are different. I wasn't using any of those so I removed Datebk3. By the way, it also gives you an additional alarm which is annoying.
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    I'd heard people rave about how useful the icons were, so I gave it a shot.

    This icons *are* really wonderful. It's great to be able to filter for just business appointments, or consulting, or personal, etc. They also make the month view and the week/barchart views much more informative.



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    How does Datebook3 integrate ToDos? Datebook+ seems to do it, too. Does 3 do it more or differently?

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    The most helpful feature for me that Datebook3 has that Datebook+ doesn't,(and yes, this alone makes it worth $20 to me) is the "make exception" feature on repeating appointments. I have many repeating appointments, and this feature lets me make a brief notation on each one that is unique to that appointment, and doesn't automatically show on the one for the next week. The icons are cute too, but I don't find them terribly useful.

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