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    Its out finnaly. Caller ID headset finnaly.
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    It shows the whole number at once, insted of scroling it like the HBH-660 does. And it looks like the display is larger also. I can't wait to hear some reviews on it.
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    This thread tricked me with the "BT900" on the subject title. I was like "Whoa, another one??"
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    Quote Originally Posted by TR30
    This thread tricked me with the "BT900" on the subject title.
    Just fixed it.
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    Looks a tad big. Anybody else think so?
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    It's on the Jabra site, but I can't find anywhere to actually buy one.
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    Can't wait to get my hands on one. the rumored roll out date is Jan. 20 so maybe that is when we will actually see this baby for sale.

    I have one pre-ordered from an online store that I found back in November, in light of this new development, I'll try contacting them to see if they have more info on when they will receive stock.

    Woohoo! Can't wait.

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    This device should change how we all use headsets.
    I mean geez, no more pulling your phone out to check whos calling.
    I cant wait for this sucka to go on sell.
    I just hope its compatible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haduken
    This device should change how we all use headsets.
    I mean geez, no more pulling your phone out to check whos calling.
    I cant wait for this sucka to go on sell.
    I just hope its compatible.
    Since my Sony HBH 660 is compatible witht he claler ID, and now car kit too, I wouldnt see why this one wouldnt be.. that is the only unique feature.

    Of course the other things like 2nd call and mute that are issues with all headsets will still be an issue...

    I am SO glad they got rid of that annoying EARGEL which is more like an ear CLOGGER.... it LOOKS like this thing works the same as the Sony Ericson 660... it is a hrds piece and it goes IN your ear, and then you can adjust the clip AS NEEDED to secure it... I love the 660 it takes a sec to put on


    PS - If someone gets one please report.. I have also been waiting for this!
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    wouldn't it just be our luck that the caller ID isn't compatible.

    Don't even MENTION the possibility.

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    I'm definitely gonna try out the BT800 as soon as it's available for sale. Hopefully Fry's will carry them soon.
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    I am a non-believer after trying the 250 and the Cardo Scala. The 250 had too much static and the Cardo Scala would not stay on my ear. I would like to try the Bluespoon AX, but will wait til they work out the apparent bugs. I'm amazed when I hear anyone getting the 30 feet range as described. It works best in a car or an open field.
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    Bluetooth is a great idea. Bluetooth may work on other products. On the Treo 650, bluetooth is awful. Palm even admits, "challeges" with its blutooth offering. I have gone back to a wired shure qsh3 headphone. It goes in your ear, has noiase cancelling. People can hear me when I call them. Both the Jabra 250 and Cardo sound like you are calling from inside a toilet.

    Bluetooth causes me to be sad. When you try to switch between your bluetooth computer and headset, you must competelyt reconfigure the device for pairing. This is the stupidist design possible. Once a device is paired as trusted, it should be a snap to use.
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    Omy! Have you seen the MSRP??? (gulp!) $149

    Initially, the website where I preordered showed an estimated price of $79. Several weeks after I pre-ordered they took the estimated price OFF their website and replaced it with "price unannounced". It was around that time that I heard the pricing would be $119, and now that release is imminent the price has gone up AGAIN!

    With this recent development part of me hopes that the BT800 is NOT compatible with my phone!!!
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    planetmoblie is offering it for sale for 119$
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    Mind posting that LINK!?
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    Well, I have my SECOND pre-order in with "Mobile Planet"...not Planet Mobile.

    Anyway, their price is $119 and with shipping my total was $127 and some change, with standard ground shipping. They anticipate stock arrival on Friday (1/15) and promised to email me shipping confirmation as soon as it ships.

    Because I was concerned with compatibility problems I asked about their return policy. As long as you keep ALL packaging and there is no evidence of use you can return the merchandise within 30 days without a re-stocking fee for a full refund. If you don't return all packaging you will suffer a 15% restocking fee.

    For those who are interested, the website is

    Because I was trying to search the website via my mobile phone and having absolutely NO LUCK, I called to place my pre-order. The number is 800-675-2638

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    yes that too...(smile)
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    Anyone got this yet?
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    we need a real time review... I do not want to buy another headset after the hbh-660 unless it is a killer headset... so for those out there who plan on getting one, take your time and hurry up.
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