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    Jabra should be included with every box of Cocoa Puffs.
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    here here... thank you, finally a realist!
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    Well I was trying to order the Scala headset but it was back ordered and I did not want to wait. So I bought what I wanted to buy in the first place. I got the Jabra BT800 on friday and it is sweet. It works very well with my Treo 650 no problems at all. The caller Id works as well as all the other features this headset comes with. I get no static like I did with the jabra 250. I can leave my phone in my case on the other side of my hip and the calls are very clear. Sound quality is excellent. I have a 2004 Armada with dual exhaust and when I had my jabra 250 it was still hard to hear even with the mini gel inside the ear but I can hear very well with the Jabra 800. I have no complaints at the moment. If anyone is considering buying this headset i'll be happy to answer in questions.
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    The price of the Jabra BT800 is 139.95. I got it for 157.90 with second day shipping at
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuwaub
    The price of the Jabra BT800 is 139.95. I got it for 157.90 with second day shipping at

    I followed your link to this store and it CLEARLY states that if you own a Treo 650 NOT to purchase this headset because it is NOT compatible!


    The Treo 650 IS NOT compatible with the Jabra BT800. The store clearly states that and will likely charge you a restock fee when you try to return the headset. DON'T BE FOOLED, not sure what Nuwaub is trying to pull but many posts have reported the incompatibility of the BT800 with the Treo 650 and now this store corroborates that information.

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    Yeah, after I read some of the new BT800 posts last week, I decided not waste any more time or money on it. Very disappointing as I was hoping this was going to be the perfect headset for me. Oh well, ordered the HBH-660 last week and it should be here in a few days. Now I just need to stop by at Best Buy to buy some replacement eargels.
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    Well, I just got mine in the mail. It's charging now, so I'll post some info on it in a couple of hours. It is comfortable to wear (initially, at least). Looks a bit futuristic...but....well, that's ok.
    After it's fully charged, I'll pair it w/ my Treo 650 and see if it is/isn't compatible!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nchargreed
    My bet is that your phone DOES NOT ship today. Those Ebay stores in NYC were pre-selling, based on information that they would have the phones from Jabra on a set date. Jabra isn't delivering.

    IF your phone DOES ship, let us know. I would definitely consider getting a phone from an ebay store if they really can deliver, as promised.

    I was skeptical, too! But since it showed up today, I guess they really did ship when they were supposed to!
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    I reccieved mine last week...returned it the next day. The call setup simply took too long. Inbound calls didn't trigger a ring on the headset until the fourth ring - just in time for the call to be forwarded to voicemail. Outbound calls took a good 7 - 10 seconds to setup on the headset. This caused a fair amount of any greeting on the other end to be entirely clipped - which was a real problem for IVR's, conference calls, or just folks answerings. Maybe they'll make improvements, but the first iteration of the product wasn't usable for me.
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    I wonder if the same will be the case for me?
    An interesting note: On page 9 of the manual, it says,
    "Update the features of your Jabra BT800
    The Jabra BT800 is a dynamic and evolving product. We will introduce new and exciting features that you will be able to download from our website. Check for further details."

    Interesting....perhaps this means they can send "upgrade" software revisions in the future that will enable full compatibility? Another gadget that I'll have to download updates and patches for?
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    Here's my mini review:
    Paired fine with the Treo (you can actually pair using the menu commands on the bt800 OR the supplied pin.
    Sound quality is great. MUCH reduced crackling (none at arm's length) and a little crackling at 10+ feet. (I'm in a wifi saturated area right now.)
    The quality of the speaker is really, really good. You could tell by the sound quality of the built-in ringers.
    Answer/hangup buttons aren't really intuitive, in opinion.
    Call waiting doesn't work (I hear the beep, but can't switch to the other call using the headset).
    I don't think caller id works...

    And now for one of the most crucial qualities in a bt headset...the amount of time it takes to connect during incoming and outgoing calls....

    IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Takes around 5-10 seconds to connect on an outgoing call...usually around 5 rings to connect on an incoming call.

    Once, connected, sound quality is leaps and bounds better than my's so slow to connect.

    For this reason, I'm considering putting it up on ebay....but it's a not a sure thing b/c the sound quality is so good.

    I think it's finally time to get an HBH-660...since it seems that it has less static and greater range than the Scala 500. I really like the Scala 500, so maybe I'll just keep it? Only reason I'm considering an HBH-660 is if it has less crackling in wifi areas....
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    I thought since I waited nearly 2 months for the BT 800 from MacMall, I'd give it a try when it arrived to see if Jabra did anything for the US version to help with the Treo 650 situation and I was completely disappointed. I thought the BT250 was a bad connection, but the BT800 is even worse. It takes between 8 and 15 seconds to pick up the phone and then proceeds to echo (on the other end of the line) throughout the call. It's just plain awful. I really hope PalmOne does something about this. I'm tempted to get a bluetooth doggle for this "bluetooth" phone just to make the darn thing work. Anyway, I'm getting off point... the point is BT800 just doesn't work with the Treo 650.
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