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    I was hoping someone can help me with two issues I am having with my Treo 650. Nothing too major, only quirky annoyances.

    1) I have a password set to appear after 5 minutes of inactivity with the built-in security program. Occasionally, I will enter my password and press OK and the screen will immediately turn off. When I press the power button to turn the screen on again, I am prompted to put in my password again. This second time always lets me in. Is there a known problem causing this that I can fix?

    2) On the Treo 600, I was used to uploading multiple photos by holding the SHIFT key and using the down arrow. This does not work on the 650. I can only find options to upload one photo or upload an entire album; but if I upload the album it will upload photos I've already uploaded. Is there anyway to select multiple photos in the album app?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone, please?
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    I can help with the first part, security does not work.
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    make sure that the entire album is highlighted (with the ligh blue box around everything) press MENU then UPLOAD.. select all the pictures you want by tapping on them by putting an "X" beside it...then UPLOAD. is that what you were looking to do?
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    YES! That was exactly what I was looking for about uploading photos! THANK YOU!

    Can someone please help me with the security issue. It's getting very annoying! I have to input my password twice almost every time I want to use my Treo.

    Thanks in advance.
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