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    Downloaded this new utility program that is designed to be a dianogistic program for a visor.
    My visor passed all the tests not sure if this program has earned a place in my visor, not sure if it really provides me with any information or fixes any problems my visor has. Anyone else play with it yet
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    Can anyone 'in the know' tell us whether this "doctor" actually does anything it says it does and whether we should even care about these claimed tests? Has anyone's Visor/Palm actually failed a test (not crashed but failed)? Has anyone gotten a look at the source? Has anyone collaborated with or at least communicated with the author? (I've read a handful of posts on palmgear about the author not replying to emails--one of which regarded a request for updates to registered users.)

    This utility has been around for a while in previous versions since the days of the Palm Pilot (as Palm Doctor), but strangely, very little appears to have been said about it. For such a "capable" utility, I would expect it to have received much review. The most commonly repeated end-user review is that it crashes the unit, requiring a reset. Now I don't recall having seen a review from a Palm review site, like PalmPower or other. (If anyone is aware of such a review, please post its URL.)

    And why is there a registration fee for a beta version (which expires!)? Does anyone smell something funny here?

    For all we know it could be nothing more than a slick front with a neat gauge, tapping into Pocket C and the mathlib for good measure.

    I do not want to disparage the author, but with no website and very little information given in the .html and readme files, we should wonder whether the software is actually doing what it claims to do or if these tests are of any worth.

    To the Chuck Thompson: should you happen to run into this post, please do not be offended by my doubts. My questions are reasonable.

    Thanks for your comments.
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    Sent email to the author of program quesstioning if his program did anything and he sent back a curt note saying it didn;t detect any problems so what's your problem! Sounds like he is from Long Island I deleted the program from ny Visor.

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