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    Since getting my GVDx, I have been using Afterburner 2.2 at 28MHz, giving me a Benchmark of 276% (Nea Bridges Benchmark 1.5) and Pocket Mark 0.1.1 of 197. It never occurred to me that whether CruiseControl, Tornado V, and NoWaitZ might be useful or better than Afterburner 2.2.

    I understand with OS 3.1h, that some of the wait states from OS 3.1 has been improved, thus I am inclined to think that NoWaitZ would not be particularly useful. But what about CruiseControl and Tornado?

    Maybe we can posts some numbers with the visor/deluxe running the 3 programs at "max" speeds under the same number (or no hacks) of hacks?

    Btw, I have had no probs at all running Afterburner 2.2 at 28MHz all the time (nothing that a soft reset can't fix anyways).
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    Just put in Afterburner and Benchmark (on BVD). Stock Benchmark is 106%, I need to set the Misc settings for "No Wait States" and "Fast Mulitplexing" to get 158% (previously noted as the stock speed on Visors!!!). My unit was rec'd on 12/14/99.

    Think some OS changes got made in later units putting the wait states back in??

    OOPS! Stock is 158% with all hacks disabled. The 106% is with Afterburner active and with the "No Wait" and "Fast MX" *DISABLED*. Apparently unchecking these *overrides* the HS OS mods.

    Anyone else see these values on later Visors?

    BTW: full speed with No Wait and Fast MX = 283%.

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    That sounds about right.

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    With all the complaints about short battery life, I'm tempted to install AfterBurner 2.2 to underclock a little (or maybe "put the wait states back in"). My PalmPilot Personal/2MB gave me up to 59 days of useful battery life on Rayovac Maximums, and I'm down to 2.64V after 11 days with Energizers with my VDx...

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