Just purchased a Treo 600 from Cingular. Have not been able to install the 4.1 Palm Desktop software from the provided CD. Have tried all of the PalmOne website solutions. Install message indicates taht install was unsuccessful.The exact message is "Installation did not complete successfully do you wish to attempt to reinstall the software or to quit?"
This happens anywhere between 749 to 763 items installed out of 791 items. It appears that the addressbook and calenadar show up but no hotsyn capability exists. I have an older Palm version on the Mac, and I placed the user files etc. in the Palm folder as Palm called for in their Mac install memo. It apperas to be a hotsync/conduit install issue. I also tried the palm download installer with no success; however Palm's user manual indicates to install from the disk first as there is additional software not part of the downloaded version.

I just reviewed a similar request from a user on the PalmOne Forum site, and he still has not solved the problem, and has not been able to install the software.

Can anyone help?