My telephone call to Cingular sales today confirmed that it will be released in a month (in another words no change for the past several months). Is it that:

1. Cingular service and sales has no clue what is going on and I should stick with the equally miserable Verizon (GSM aside)
2. Cingular is still testing the product and doesn't know when the bugs are going to be fixed (but then all software has bugs and question is when to release)
3. There is still an inventory of 600 that needs to be sold

There was a recent report in our local paper, San Jose Mercury News, that service by wireless providers is improving but I just don't see it.

Does anyone have any reliable information on Cingular's release of Treo 650?

Also is the WiFi hack a curiosity or is it really use-able by the average person.

Thank you.