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    I've searched the forums and still can't find an answer to my question: how do I use my G2 for incoming calls? I would THINK that when the phone rings I could either a) hit the button on the Bluetrek to answer the call b) answer the phone and have it automatically connect to the headset or c) answer the phone and manually switch the conversation over to the headset sort of like answering the phone and then turning on speakerphone (I see no button for this on the Treo screen though). What's going on? Is my problem related to WiFi interference? Am I misunderstanding Bluetooth? Is there any bluetooth headset which can do (c)?

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    I alway use method "a" although it seems like I have to hit the G2 button 2-3 times before the call acturally get picked up.

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    It is my understanding that the G2 and Treo go into sleep mode to save battery life. The time delay may just be a waking up thing. If I wait for the phone to ring 2-3 times and then answer I have no problem.


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