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    I have documents to go pro 7.003 installed. I can open word documents initially.

    Next, I use the DataViz Tech Tool, and move applications to card (I have a 512mb sd card with 20mb free room). Now, when I try and open a native word document, (through Documents) I get the following error. "Documents to Go has detected a previous version installed. For more information visit:".

    I went to the above-mentioned site and followed reinstalled the programs. The problem still occurs.

    To summarize - If I have the "Applications" on the handheld, it works fine; if I have the "Applications" on the card (Moved using DXTG Tech Tool, I get the error.

    Please assist.
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    I had the same issue. You're post made me think. I went to the Launcher directory on the card found two copies of the WordView prc. I had one with a + and one without. I deleted the one without the + ( which was also the smaller size one). I can now open Word documents. Hope this works for you too.

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    I have a similar problem. In this case the app is on the handheld. If you upgraded or used the demo you may be SOL. Unfortunately their de-install app does not de-install all the files. Try using FileZ to search for ANY docs to go (there's a long list) and delete them from the card and handheld.

    In my case it left SheetsToGo and another Doc app on my Treo and they're locked such that FileZ can't delete them. Dataviz says I have to do a hard Reset and re-install everything on my Treo.
    Imagine having to reformat your hard drive everytime you had to upgrade a basic application and then do a resinstall/register with every app you ever bought. Nuts.
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    thanks.. that works for some reason i had a version 6 on my card as well.
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    After getting a new laptop, I reinstalled Documents to Go from the Disk, forgetting I had upgraded to version 7.003. But even after upgrading again, I could not get Documents to Go to work from my SD Card. As I usually do when faced with problems like this, I searched the discussion group, found your thread and discovered a stray copy of Word View on my card. When I deleted it, Documents to Go started working again. This discussion group is invaluable.

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