View Poll Results: HBH-660 or Scala 500? (public poll)

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  • Scala 500

    9 52.94%
  • HBH-660

    8 47.06%
  • Scala 500, but only because it costs less

    0 0%
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    I know there are like 40 threads dedicated to this topic, but I want solid numbers. I suspect others do also.
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    Here's the problem. I voted Scala because that's the one I bought based upon others suggestions. Does it work well? Yes. Do I think it's possible that there is a BT headset that works better? Absolutely. I just don't know if that;s the 660 or not...
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    In the early running the Scala is pulling away. Are the beeps on the 660 that annoying? Is the Scala's sound quality that much better? Is caller ID on a headset useless to most people? I think that caller ID would be handy on the rare occasion when my headset wasn't on my ear AND my treo's screen wasn't visible, but I don't see that happening very often at all.

    Those who voted that have actually used BOTH devices - please explain your decision.
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