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    I've had that too and have never really been able to pin down why it happens although it seems to be happen when my Saved Preferences and Unsaved Preferences dbs get screwed up (unrelated root cause now under control). Vindigo may be storing some config info there.

    To fix it, I usually have to uninstall on the Treo, reinstall from the laptop, then sync to update channels, then switch to wireless sync mode on the Treo so I can run it off the sd card with ZLauncher. It seems the VindigoLink.prc is the one that goes fishing, so I have that saved on the SD card in case I need to do this while on the road. Right now, I'm waiting for it to happen again so I can try that approach.
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    I to like Advantgo. Yes it is weak in some regards but overall a useful tool especially if you travel. The one nice feature not mentioned is that of Mapquest. I know you can download via web mapquest on the run however you must have web connection and that is not always available and is time consuming. Advantgo will let you download mapquest destinations and save for very easy referral for trip planning it is great. Just hotsync and all is saved. Also acc-weather is a nice feature in that it will save forecast of pre-designated locations, again a nice traveling feature. News as said earlier can be weak, but for short durations it is nice fast, easy and current. Overall a nice appl. in my opinion.
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    I've found a modus vivendi between Avantgo and Vindigo on my Treo. I have no problems this way:

    1. Sync Vindigo ONLY wirelessly, NEVER with PC hotsync
    2. Sync Avantgo by PC hotsync OR wirelessly, as long as I limit wireless sync to four or five channels.
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