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    AARRGGGHHH - Corproate E-Mail. We use an Exchange 2000 server at work and our IT guy finally turned on IMAP (so he says). I read on various posts that VersaMail or Sprint BizConn will get me my corporate e-mail using IMAP. I've messed around with Versamail and can't get it to work (I get an error msg: clear text passwords have been disabled for this protocol). Can anyone specify the specs to punch in to get it to work - or to test if somehow IMAP isn't open on the server end (our IT is NOT helpful). I have Versamail working with the stock Sprint POP account.

    Is buying Snapper or Chatter e-mail necessary if you have Versamail? Would they offer any different IMAP solution?
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    ChatterEmail is VERY different than either Snapper or VersaMail (which are actually pretty similar in functionality at this point). Among other things, it can do true "push" with IMAP and all network operations are asynchronous (i.e. you can do other things while mail is loading and getting sent).

    The best advice would be to test-drive both and see what you like.

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    I plan to check out both Snapper and Chatter - but first, I wanted to just get the IMAP e-mail connection to work. Our IT guy tested the IMAP gateway outside of the network and it pinged back - so it seems that the IMAP channel is indeed open but I can't get the Treo to see it. After deleting the e-mail account configuration and starting over, I now get the invalid user name or password error - since I've rechecked both umpteenth times, I know it is something else.
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    Is it possible that your IMAP server is behind your corporate firewall?

    If that is the case, you'll need a VPN like Mergic VPN. I use it with Chatter email to access our Exchange 2000 server via IMAP.

    You can trial both Mergic and Chatter. You will need to know the IP address of your corporate VPN server, and your name and password on you network, and you should be able to gain access to the exchange server.

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    Definitely try the VPN. I would be surprised if your IT admin allows IMAP access from outside the firewall. Also check the username with your IT admin. Very often with corporate Excahange servers the IMAP username is not exactly the same as your Exchange username. For example, you might have to prepend a domain or something. For example for me my Excahnge login is "Firstname Lastname" but my IMAP login is "corp\Firstname Lastname\Firstname.Lastname". The best thing to do to verify the username is to setup a desktop mail client like Outlook Express to make sure you got the settings right.
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    Thanks guys. I figured out the username combo for my account (domain/username/e-mail username) which worked via my home outlook express setup to pull down the folder list from the exchange server. However, when trying to pull the actual contents of the folder it comes up with:
    Your 'Contacts' folder was not polled for its unread count. The server has refused the connection. Account: 'xyz', Server: '', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Connection refused', Port: 143, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCCD9
    - for each folder. The only thing a web search revealed was that I need to turn on SSL - which can't be because I do get through to the server and with SSL turned on, I can't get to the server.

    I have to get with our IT guy again - this is frustrating as hell when you have actual work to do.

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