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    After many hours of reading this board and buying 4 different bluetooth headsets and 2 different flavors of eargels, I finally have a solution that works to perfection. Per earlier posts and recommendations, I attached a slicsound ear gel to my 660 and now have to set the volume to its lowest setting! Further, I can dump the earhook as the slicsound keeps the 660 in my ear and also allows me to take in and out as needed.

    I highly recommend this solution.

    One last question: has anyone figured out how to turn down the call connect and call end beep? I scoured the manual and saw nothing about how to manage this.
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    Here they are:
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    Not great shots, but hey it's supposed to be a phone, not a camera....
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    Greeetings thr.

    Well, I'm waiting for my Slic's as we speak. As I mentioned someplace else, I've used without success, both flavors of Jabra gels.

    My appreciation to you for the pictures as they will help me install the Slic's.

    Question: You said you've "paired" a set of Slic's. Do you mean one for each ear?

    Also, how did you get it onto the 660, you didn't crazy glue did you?

    Thanks and cheers!
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    I just edited my post. Nope -- just one ear gel on the 660. It slides on as if it was made for it -- no glue required. Good luck with it. You will be happy.
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    Thanks for the pics. For those using this solution, do you find that the Slicsound stays on the HBH-660 even after removing the headset from the ear? Does it feel secure? I've found the clear Eargels to be OK, but the slope of the speaker seems to be the area, where there is some "slippage". Do Slicsounds have the same problem?

    Also, I tend to have difficulty keeping standard earbuds in my ears securely (but the Eargels work great). Do the Slicsounds stay in pretty well or are they like earbuds in their fit?
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    That slicsound looks like it reaches right past your eardrum and into your brain cavity! Is it comfortable?

    I agree with acoustic that the clear jabra eargel works ok, but I could use a snugger fit.
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    It actually sticks out a bit from my face, which I think improves the sound quality for folks on the other end. It is quite comfortable and I don't feel like it is touching any of the important parts of my brain...

    Seriously, it is a better fit for me than the jabra gels and I love the fact that I can ditch the ear hook. Reading these various threads, it is clearly a question of anatomy in terms of what works for different people.

    Of course, if P1 would fix the BT volume issue on their end, we would have a much broader range of options! (and, if that were the case, I might go back to my Moto 850 which is both comfortable and has a great form factor) But for now, this combo will allow me to use the phone and its BT features.
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    Thanks for the pictures. I think I'll give it a try.
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    I agree. The Slics fit as if they were custom made. The sound is crisp, clear, and loud on the lowest volume setting.
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    perfect perfect perfect!

    bumping. will report on usability also.
    ok, back to work... damn this board!!!
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    -but the beeps with slic sound are wildy loud. too loud. I gave up and went back to the original setup. Also, I don't think the 660 felt secure in my ear with just the slicsound
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    The beep is loud with the eargel attached but you get used to it if your ears are damaged from years of loud music like mine :-).

    As far as it staying in your ear; I thought the same about it not being secure. To test, I just shook my head around more then I ever would in normal use and it stayed put. I decided to trust that more then the 'feel'. I've not had one problem in almost 2 months.
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    Well in looking at reviews of the HBH 660 online I found a review that said the HBH has two volume controls. If you use the rocker during a call it increases the volume. If you use the rocker when you are not on a call it adjusts the volume of the ringing and the beep tone.

    "The delay on restoring the link to the phone when making or receiving a call is negligible, though the beeps emitted at all stages of the process are irksome. Fortunately, the volume control can separately adjust the beep volume and the call volume, though the latter only when actually engaged in a call."
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    Just an update; I have both the clear and colored eargels (mistakenly got both), and the colored gels are the way to go. The colored gels fit over the speaker area much tighter and more robustly (?) than the clear. Plus, all that nasty wax won't show now…

    Of course, I've excessively ordered the SlicSound gels as well. Uh duh!

    I should buy six cradles while I'm at it.
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    Are you referring to SlicSound colored gels or the Jabra gels that some have been advocating?
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    Sorry, I have both Jabra versions; the SlicsSound gels are on order.

    How pathetic!
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    where can i order those slicsound gels ?
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