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    I tried the evaluation version of CallShield, and uninstalled it when the eval expired. When I tried installing it again the other day, it won't run in eval mode, asking me to enter a key.

    How does the program know it's been installed on the phone before? I am still not sure if I want to purchase the program or not, but I am curious as how it knows that I had evaluated the software once before.

    I've used FileZ to look through the different flies, but CallShield doesn't seem to be leaving anything behind.

    Thank you.
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    It's the equilivent of the Windoz registry. There are a couple of programs that can edit the file; otherwise, you gotta pay for it and that may not fix it. I purchased a program I had tested much earlier and had the same problem. I eventually had to edit the registry and delete references to it. Ben
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    What's the file name?
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    Right, it is probably referenced in one of the preferences files. Unless you can identify the right pointer and delete it, you'll need to do a hard reset and restore excluding those files. Of course you'll also have to reinstall all of your 3rd party code and enter their keys too.
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    Use InWatch Uninstaller whenever installing shareware apps, then you'll be sure you remove every last trace when you delete it.
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    I do not remember the name of the file and the machine it was installed on died due to a Coke infection. I will PM you concerning it. As a note, with some installation and regisration methods, an uninstaller does not guarantee the desired results. Ben
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    Thanks for all your help, Ben. I appreciate it.

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