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    You mention earier in the thread that you have some generic yellow logo. The one I got today has a black "Seidio" logon on the retracting reel. Could it be that mine is the new cable SeidioSedio is talking about and the yellow ones are the ones with the "known problem"? Have all your replacements had the same yellow logo?

    Also, I did pop the backshell (housing) of my connector open. While there's pletny of room in there, it looks to me like the actual connector assembly is a single unit with solder pins on the back side -- I didn't see any way to, for example, push the contacts back out from the inside, unless the whole solder cup is getting pushed inside.

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    I have 3 cables.. One in the trash right now... Two others sitting with glue in them...

    The 2 older ones have yellow "Sync N Charge" written on them. The newest one has a black "Seidio" logo on it. All three have the same connector on the inside. The newer one has green cables (a little thick cables) inside the connector.

    Anyway.. it isn't the solder joints that are failing.. The metal contact slide back inside the connector. If you open up the connector you will see sleeves covering the solder joints that hold the wire to the metal contact.

    The entire end piece of the connector is plastic. The contact is metal with a wire soldered to it. The metal contact is only held into the plastic of the connector with some friction. The metal contact can slide and the whole solder connection and wire slides back with it.
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    Ok... So I ordered the generic Sync and Charge Cable from eBay with the button. It has the same end connector as the Seidio Cable.

    It also did the same thing to me. The metal contact slid inside the end of the connector just like the Seidio. So it seems the problem isn't limited to Seidio cables.

    I wonder if its my Treo 650 or just certain Treo 650s that have a problem?

    The cable that came with the Treo 650 works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mogulman
    I just ordered one of the non retractable cables from eBay to see if it is any better.
    I have that it from Dan's Cellular. It seems to use the same connector as the Seido cable, and has the exact same problem
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    Well, Seidio sent me a new cable. The new one looks different than my old one. It actually has a hot sync button. Unfortunately, after a week of use, the power pin has recessed on this one too. These cables are crap Seidio! The molding is too large for the Treo's socket and it's forcing the pin into the casing.
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    FYI. This just occurred with my stock Palm cable. Anyone know a phone number or email for Cingular online store that can get this resolved quickly?

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    I've had my Seido S&C cable for a while. I do feel I have to push it in a few times before it actually starts to charge. I also have a problem with the fact that the cable retracts itself to its smallest length, without any human intervention! I wrote Seido about this, got a email acknowlegment, but never heard back from them. It just isn't worth the hassle to try to contact them again and send it back. I'll just get another one Boxwave.

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    Update: This has been fixed by Seidio. They have come out with a new version of their cable with a new end connector. It looks like everyone else is still using that crummy 3rd party connector.

    The new version from Seidio works great and is much better then their old connector and the version that other companies are using.

    I've attached a picture in another thread:
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