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    Hi, can someone tell me a good writing software that I can install on my visor to override the palm graffiti. Is there any software out there that can recognize just the regular "writing" instead of the graffiti???
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    Take a look at the topic: "Quickwriting -- anyone use?"

    Good luck...
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    I guess the question is whether you want some means of being able to write (like Graffitti) or being able to type. There is a program on the market called Fitaly. Named for the first row of "keys" on their custom keyboard. It is a Tapping keyboard that shows as an overlay on the screen. It can be used with any application.

    You can find their website and information at

    I have purchased it and find it easy to use and learn. It is significantly faster than Graffitti, and I am tapping at about 20 wpm now (and getting faster by the day.)

    Jean, who wrote the program, had a speed contest, and the winner was tapping at 62 wpm (which is nearly unbelievable).

    This is good, stable software, and I think that it is a good solution to entry (writing) on a PalmOS device.

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    Hi, Larry:
    thanks for the valuable info. I think I'll look into that too. Originally, I was actually look for some software that will recognize my "regular" handwriting instead have to write the special graffiti.

    I am really bad with graffiti, a lot of time, it will misrecognize about what I wrote.. that's why I am wondering to see if there is any software out there that will just allow me to write with the normal writing style
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    You can try JOT. It works nicely and doesn't require shifting for caps. The trial version only lasts for 5 days so it doesn't give you much time to evaluate.
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    BTW, you don't need to shift with FITALY. You can do a slide, and get a cap.

    They are also introducing FitalyStamp in another week or so. This will be an overlay that will sit over the Graffitti area. That provides the same function as the original Fitaly, but leaves the application screen free for viewing your app.

    Fitaly has a 30 day trial. Be like Mikey. Try it - You'll like it.


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