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    I currently have an Exchange 2003 Server at work and have been using VersaMail's ActiveSync protocol for Email and Calendar snchronization on my 650. I use HotSync with my laptop to update Tasks, Notes, etc. I'm trying to use David Allen's orginization techniques this year and really need a way to update my outlook tasks and notes on my treo 650 wirelessly. Using HotSync is not the best answer because I use outlook on my laptop, work desktop, and home desktop. Email, tasks, notes, etc. all stay updated between the different computers I use automatically. But unless I have time to use HotSync with my laptop my Treo 650 is always out of date as I run out the door. I tried business connection briefly but I hate the idea of depending on one of my desktops to be up and running 24/7. Also I found it difficult to stop get rid of BC when I wanted to. Is there an easy way? I'm willing to use BC if needed though. Would I still have access to past information when I'm off PCS network? My question is what is the best way to sync outlook tasks, calendar, email, and notes using Exchange server over the air? Could a IMAP email program give me access to the folders? I have been accepted as a Seven beta tester but I'm not sure I have time or patience for helping out with a beta. My company is too small to purchase Good's solution. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Good 4.0 should have a purchase price you can handle. Due out Feb 10th

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