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    I installed acrobat on my divice. I have been unsucessfull in opening a PDF file. I know it is probably user error, but what is it that I need to do to open a PDF file from my divice while on the road? Thanks for you help, Bruce
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    Allow me to rephrase my question. Can PDF files be openend by the 650 that is downloaded by the 650. It would be really convineant to be able to pull a credit report on a client when I am on the road. I can transfer a PDF file to my 650 that I downloaded from my desktop, but I want to download and open a PDF file using acrobat with my 650. Any feedback would be great!
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    Yes...there is an Adobe Reader for Palm OS available. Not sure if you can open the file or not. My reader works well.
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    Unfortunately, I am not aware of any reader that can directly read PDF files on a Palm device without first passing it through your desktop. This is sorely needed!
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    I thought some photo viewer software did this?
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    Documents to Go Premium claims to read "text-based" PDF files. I don't know if it would choke over files with graphics, or it would just gracefully skip the graphics.
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    But I don't think will it read received native files?
    I had the Premium ver 6 and it would read them if I synced with Docs to GO but it would not open them from an email. I think ver 7 is the same.
    Please tell me I am wrong
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    I tried to find out from their current documentation on the web site but it is somewhat vague. There is even this thread that makes it sound possible.
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    Should be easy enough to find out though... if you are willing to download and install it.
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    If your goal is to read a .PDF file from the internet, I would suggest using an application like Win-Hand. It will allow you to control your home PC to do anything you want. You can download the .PDF file with your PC, and view it on your Treo.

    Here's a link to their site, the download is free.

    This is by far my favorite application.
    Blue Skies,
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverado
    I tried to find out from their current documentation on the web site but it is somewhat vague. There is even this thread that makes it sound possible.
    Yeah it is vague but its the same info they had for ver 6 which is why I purchased it, only to be extremely dissapointed.

    I cant believe Adobe hasn't put something out to handle this. I remember reading somewhere on TC that Clie's have it
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    I think there is an open source early PDF reader that could deal with text-based documents. In theory someone could use that to whip up a simple PDF reader for the Palm, but there may be some serious memory issues.
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    ahh the memory issues
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    I have bought Docs7 hoping I could read at least text based PDF files attached to email as advertised. Well folks, I can't. So I figured false advertising, right? After going to DataViz's site, I found out why. The answer is InboxToGo which comes with Docs 7 Premium. But I didn't install it because I like the native mail app. I don't know if InboxToGo is a good mail client and don't feel like playing with it right now because I'm too busy using my Treo. Anybody else care to try?
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    Maybe inbox to go wireless does it, but the standard inbox to go doesn't.
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    When I transfer PDF image files (subway maps) to my Treo 650 using Adobe Reader, the images are way too small to read. I am using "Full Screen" in Preferences. Adobe Reader only lets me zoom in once.
    Is this a software limitation? Should I use a third party software?
    Any ideas?
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    There is NOOOOOOOO native pdf reader for palmone handhelds. How many times has this been discussed on the forums here. Sony Clies came with an app called Piscel viewer that supported native pdf file types, but it does not work on the Treo. You have to convert pdf's via desktop conduit. The best reader imo for pdfs is Repligo...
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    read here and you can email the pdf to convert or put it a url so you can read the file...
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    Yes there is a native PDF reader. Adobe Reader V3.05 comes with the Palm Desktop CD that comes with Cingular phones. I don't know about the Sprint phones' CD. I successfully opened a PDF ski resort trail map with it.
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    I think he means that Adobe Reader V3.05 will need to convert the PDF file and upload it to the Treo before it will read the files.

    Try copying the PDF file to an SD card directly and see of the Adobe Reader will open it.. or, like the original poster said, e-mail a PDF file, save it on the Treo and see if the Adobe Reader will open it.

    It won't.

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