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    Had my t-mobile Treo600 for almost a year but yesterday it went quiet (apart from alarms and phone calls).

    I no longer hear tones when I use the buttons, when I plug it in to recharge, when I sync, when I turn the phone on or off, etc. No, it is not in silent mode - I do keep checking.

    I downloaded the trial version of VeriChat and lost all the sounds right after that - uninstalling the software did not help either. Neither does a softreset.
    Any ideas?

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    I doubt this is the issue, but check if you get similar results out of the headphone jack.
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    Nope headphone jack has same results as the phone.
    This is pretty insignificant - but its driving me crazy!
    On the bright side at least I do not hear that popping sound when listening to MP3s and using the treo :-~

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