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    My wife and I have just discovered SMS, but she's having a problem sending me msgs.

    When she tries to send me a SMS, my number keeps coming up without the area code, so when she sends the message, it vanishes into the ether. She can manually type in my area code, which sorta reduces the convenience factor of SMS to zero, and even so, the next time she goes to send me an SMS... still no area code.

    There doesn't seem to be any way to edit the phone numbers that come up when selecting a name from the "To:" drop-box.

    FYI, the correct number with a/c comes up in the contacts listing, but that doesn't seem to be helping SMS.

    Does anybody know how those names/numbers can be edited? Would deleting the "SMS Messages 2" file help, or is that just messages. Where are the address/numbers stored?

    Any help would be appreciated, my wife just left the house in flying rage over this, now it's Mr. Digital's job to find a solution ....


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    Try clicking on the arrow next to TO, lookup in contacts, and select the number from there. I had to do that on my 600. I don't know how to remove the other number though.
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    is the full number in the adress book. the lookup pulls the mobile # out of the adress book
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    I'm feeling necrophilia by searching and digging....same problem here cannot get a 10 digit phone number to show up consistently, first message goes correctly but after that it "pulls" the 7 digit phone number with no area code?

    I've deleted the contact in question, edited it to include a middle initial, I'm at a loss? Both Sprint and Palm have said it' the other sides problem....
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    This might be far-fetched, but what if you enter the number in your contacts using the international format, like +1 212 555 0000 ? Would that make any difference?
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